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Your motorists rights

by Paul Tobin / PT AutoCosmetics

"It's Your Vehicle and Your Choice" is the basis of this information bulletin.

1.Choosing your Repair Facility or Company

As the owner of a motor vehicle with repairs required it is important that you are informed that it is your right to choose the shop where you wish to have your vehicle repaired as this is the Law that you get to choose your shop!

2.Do you require more than one Estimate?

No. Don’t waste your time or other shops time. Insurance companies sometimes want your vehicle fixed for the cheapest estimate but quality workmanship and repairs are usually not at the cheapest facility. You have paid good money for your vehicle and insurance premiums so make sure a quality shop does your repairs! Choose a shop/company you are comfortable with then call or have the shop call your insurance company at which time the adjuster may want to inspect the damage which can be done at the shop you choose or an Insurance drive-through claim facility.

3. Notification of Shop Choice and Authorization

Notify your insurance company/agent about where your vehicle is and the shop you want to authorize to repair so they can inspect it if required. This being said .. Please be aware however that some (but not all) insurance company claims departments (call centers) may have a mandate to nicely persuade (steer) customers to use repair facilities that they have negotiated agreements with for long term cost savings. Do not be fooled by them saying "If you don’t take your vehicle to a recognized shop on our list then we cannot warranty the repairs". The reality is that it is not the insurance company that warranties the repair. That is the repair shops responsibility to warranty all repairs and any quality shop will do just that. Also don't fall for the line "If you choose a shop not on our accredited list we may have to send an independent appraiser out to inspect your vehicle and/or the facility." That is an insurance company choice and does not affect the repair or repair time to any great degree. It's your vehicle and the Law is that you choose the competent shop where it is repaired!

4. Workmanship Quality

As noted above.. Make sure the shop stands behind their work (as all quality shops will) and warranties issues related to their work or repair process which can be explained by the shop/company owner to you. Also while at the shop of your choice check for shop accreditation in their field of expertise like training certifications and licenses. Also signs that they give back to community shows longevity (that they are not fly by night)and that they care for the community they work in.

5. Know the Shop

Ask around! If unsure .. Make sure the shop you are choosing has a reliable and professional reputation, has the proper tools and process in place, has at least some licensed certified technicians on staff and keeps a nice clean facility which shows pride of ownership and attention to competence and safety in the workplace!

6. After the Repair

Check the appearance of the repaired vehicle from different angles and check the vehicle for fit and finish both inside and out as related to the repair process performed and in most cases the vehicle should be clean for delivery. If you are not satisfied then please make sure to express your concerns to the shop owner so that he/she can hopefully rectify the problem with you as most reputable shops including mine are concerned with reputation and want you happy when you drive away!

7. Lastly

Lastly if you would like PT Autocosmetics to perform Hail damage or small dent Paintless Dent Repairs on your vehicle as well as other services that we offer just say so and we will be happy to deal with your insurance company and work with any other shops related to the repair of your vehicle because like we have said … "It's your Vehicle and your choice" and we at PT Autocosmetics would like to be that choice!

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Your motorists rights
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