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Paul Tobin is ready to go where ever paintless dent repair is needed.
This Buick fender was a superb candidate for pdr as there was good access and the paint was not damaged/compromised. This would cost typically less than half the cost of typical auto body repair and the vehicle was in and out in an afternoon!
This is a box side dent on a Chevrolet 2500 pickup before and after paintless dent repair techniques employed. At the conclusion of all PDR repairs that we do we apply a rust proofing treatment to the backside of the repair if it is an area prone to rusting unlike a lot of other dent repair companies. Trusting a company to repair your vehicle with care is important to us here at PT Autocosmetics!
This repair took about 3 hrs. Customer was very happy as the car was needed regularly and the repair was cost effective. It would have taken 3-5 days at a body shop.
These before and after repair pictures demonstrate some of the capabilities of Paintless Dent Repair when done by the Skilled PDR Master Craftsman at PT Autocosmetics. No Putty, No Paint and No Problem!
We also repair small dents and dings on small tractors too! It depends on the paint used as tractors sometimes still have enamel or urethane paints that are not as flexible (repair friendly) to the PDR repair process as basecoat/clear coat paints used on passenger vehicles. Consult with us to see if we can help you!

Paul Tobin standing outside of PT Autocosmetics in Watford.

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