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Paintless Dent Repair FAQ

Paintless Dent Repair FAQs

By Paul Tobin O/A PT Autocosmetics

  1. What is Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) ?
    Paintless Dent Repair otherwise known as PDR is the art or process of removing minor dings or dents from painted metal without damaging the paint on the metal. In the case of a motor vehicle this is done by skilfully massaging the dent or ding out from behind the panel with specially tipped PDR tools. Sometimes this is done from the outside of the panel with special removable glue and pulling tools. It is because of the flexibility and durability of today's factory applied & baked on base coat/clear coat finishes that these techniques can be employed.
  2. What are the Benefits of using PDR over conventional body shop repair methods?
    First off is cost efficiency as PDR repairs are usually less than half the price of body shop repairs. Next is the time savings. Lots of small dings can be fixed in less than an hour and applicable larger dent repairs can be done in usually the same business day as compared to 3-5 days or longer at a traditional body shop! Another point is that with PDR repairs your original paint is preserved which in turn preserves the value of your vehicle as no grinding your paint and applying body fillers, primers and repaint is necessary. Also of note is that PDR is environmental friendly as no primers,paints or fillers are used in this process.
  3. Will My Paint Be Damaged in the PDR Repair??
    No. Unless the paint was already compromised from the impact at which time we will tell you although small scratches can sometimes be sanded and buffed out of the paint. Today's base coat/clear coat finishes are very receptive to PDR repair methods within its limitations.
  4. Can any Dent on my Vehicle be Fixed??
    No. There are factors determining if PDR can be used to repair your dent such as depth to size ratio, location and accessibility as well as paint condition. Sometimes a small deep dent cannot be fixed due to excessive stretching whereas other times a large relatively shallow dent can be repaired successfully! We have provided some b4 and aft pics of dents we have repaired for a broad reference of PDR capabilities on this site and the ptautocosmetics website as well as the PT Autocosmetics facebook page. Generally speaking though if the dent is too close to an edge of a panel or the paint is deeply scratched into the substrate primer it may not be a candidate for the PDR process however a very small chip out of the paint can sometimes be touched up for a successful repair. If not sure.. Please consult with us to see if we can save you Time and Money!
  5. Will the Dent Come Back?
    No. The dent will not fall back in unless it is impacted again. The PDR process when done within its limitations by a properly skilled technician will both straighten and shrink slightly stretched metal back to its original factory stamped shape.
  6. Can I get a PDR Dent estimate on the phone??
    No and Yes! We probably can not effectively quote you an exact price but we may be able to tell you if we can fix it if you send us a properly reflecting picture of the dent and we may ask you some questions concerning the damage while on the phone with you.
  7. Can you fix my damaged/collapsed plastic bumper with PDR?
    Possibly Yes. If your bumper cover is just nicely pushed in and the paint is not compromised or the bumper torn we may be able to reform it back to position at our shop.
  8. My car has a lot of small dings and dents as well as this one I'm really concerned with. Can you fix them all while its at your shop??
    Yes. We can quote you the price on the main dent and we can quote you a price on the rest of the easily accessible dents with a multiple dent discount price to "clean up" your vehicle which is an especially useful service for lease return vehicles.
  9. There is a Slight Scratch where the Dent is. Can You Repair It?
    Yes and No. If it is very slight we may be able to sand and buff it out as long as it does not go through the clear topcoat. At present we do not do repainting so a touch up or referral to a competent Quality Auto body Repair Shop for repainting is the only other option right now.
  10. Do you have to Drill Holes in My New Car to Fix this Dent?
    No. Not usually. We will make every attempt at skilfully gaining access to repair the dent without having to drill or having to drill where it will show. We will consult with you if we have to and we always rustproof and plug any hole we may have to drill. Please consult with us if you have any concerns.
  11. Can Repairing The Dents on My Vehicle help Sell My Car?
    Yes. If You have heard the saying "Image is everything" then you can reason that a clean Dent Free Car is going to sell quicker than a less than clean appearing Car. Used Car Salesmen and Wholesalers certainly know this and dont forget this benefit if you have a lease return to avoid excessive "wear and tear" surcharges!
  12. My Car has been Painted. Will PDR still work for my Dent?
    Possibly but..Consult with us. A repainted vehicle does not respond as well to PDR repair methods as the paint may crack or de-laminate as it is not the original factory baked on finish and is also not as durable as well as the fact that substrate issues such as possible body filler areas can interfere with the process.
  13. Should I Choose PT Autocosmetics For My Dent Repair?
    Yes. PT Autocosmetics has Professional Honest and Courteous Service.PT Autocosmetics has a Vale Certified Master Technician in PDR on Staff. We have a Clean and organized Facility and Waiting Area. And Lastly and Most Importantly PT Autocosmetics gives back to Community by donating a portion of profits to various Skating Programs at the local Watford Arena during the Winter months to promote Family Togetherness!.

This repair took about 3 hrs. Customer was very happy as the car was needed regularly and the repair was cost effective. It would have taken 3-5 days at a Body shop.
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