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Hail Damage Repair FAQ

Hail Damage Repair FAQ

By Paul Tobin / PT Autocosmetics

  1. What is The Paintless Dent Repair method?

    Paintless Dent Repair or PDR is a process by which dented metal is worked back to pre -damaged condition by applying special techniques involving specially tipped rods, plastic tipped knockdowns and/or glue pulling tools and a keen eye. Within its limitations PDR is the best method of returning a hail damaged vehicle back to its pre occurrence condition because it preserves the vehicles original OEM paint and appearance. PDR is effective on both steel and aluminum panels.

  2. Will My Paint Be Damaged By PDR?

    NO. PDR if done properly will not disturb your paint because today's base coat clear coat finishes are both more flexible and durable than the finishes used to be. However if the hail has caused some paint cracking and delaminating then we will work with the local reputable body shop to have the overly damaged panels repaired conventionally.

  3. What Are The Benefits Of Using PDR Instead Of Repainting?
    The main benefit of PDR is retaining your original factory baked on OEM applied paint which preserves the value of your vehicle! PDR is a less intrusive repair method as there is no grinding off paint, cutting factory seams, welding panels or body filler (bondo) used in the repair process. Also there are no issues related to this type of repair like paint colour miss-match, paint blemishes, dirt in the paint or overspray problems associated with conventional repainting.
  4. Can I Get An Estimate Over The Phone?

    No. Because an estimate quote depends on using a Matrix and special lighting to reveal the sizes, depth and number of dents per panel it must be estimated at a PDR shop, body shop with PDR capabilities or an insurance drive-through centre.

  5. Will My Insurance Cover My Hail Damage?

    Yes! As long as you have Comprehensive Coverage you are covered less the deductible you chose on your policy which you will have to pay when you pick up your repaired vehicle.

  6. Will My Insurance Premiums Rise As A Result Of This Comprehensive Claim?

    NO! Hail is an act of Nature and your claim does not affect your premiums paid. Your Comprehensive premiums are determined by the area or zone that you live in.

  7. How Long Will It Generally Take To Repair My Hail Damaged Vehicle?

    If your vehicle is able to be completely repaired using Paintless Dent Repair then it should be done in 2-3 days but if it has to be repaired using conventional repainting then it will likely be in the range of 2 - 3 weeks depending on severity of damage.

  8. Will The Shop Help Me With My Hail Claim?

    Yes. We can help you deal with your claim with your Insurance Company with your authorization.

  9. Do I Need To Get Multiple Hail Damage Estimates?

    No. This is just the insurance Company trying to get your vehicle repaired as cheaply as possible. A good quality reputable shop is usually not the cheapest shop! You probably paid good money for your Vehicle so make sure it is repaired by a Quality repair facility!

  10. Up To What Sized Hail Dents Can Be Fixed With PDR?

    Generally speaking PDR can fix hail dents up to the size of a shallow baseball hit but anything more usually has the metal stretched beyond the capabilities of PDR methods to achieve a 100% repair. Some conventional repainting may be necessary in these cases.

  11. I Need My Car Everyday !

    Check your Insurance Coverage as you may have Rental Car Coverage while your Vehicle is in for repair! If not then we can arrange some economical rental car coverage while your car is with us. Remember if your car is repaired using PDR methods it will be done in 2-3 days!

  12. What About Other Dents On My Car Not From The Hail Storm?

    Minor door dings and dents can be repaired also while your car is with us for a pre-negotiated price and larger ones can be quoted for repair by us or if too severe then the reputable body shop we use.

  13. Why Should I Use PT Autocosmetics to repair my Hail Damaged Car?

    Easy. Hassle free repairs, Professional Repairs by a Vale Certified Master Craftsman in Paintless Dent Repair who has travelled across Canada doing this! Fully Insured, WHIMIS Certified and licensed in Auto body repair too! Again ... Easy Choice!

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