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PT Autocosmetics is self contained and available on the road.


Although PT Autocosmetics is Based out of Watford, Ontario; PT Autocosmetics Vale Certified PDR Technicians can travel wherever large hailstorms hit in Canada to be of assistance to Bodyshops, Dealerships and other Hail Repair Companies repairing Hail Damaged Vehicles using Paintless Dent Repair! PT Autocosmetics has done PDR repair work for all Major Insurance Companies in Canada! PT Autocosmetics can work independently or with other Paintless Dent Repair Companies. We can bring in other available Quality Technicians to help with different repair site scenarios that develop depending on the Volume of work to be performed at a specific Shop, Dealership or Hail Repair Work site.

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working at the Winnipeg rail yard repairing brand new cars damaged by hail
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